Il Terroir con alcuni lavoratori


Il paesaggio rigoglioso con sullo sfondo l'Etna

Harvesting grapes on the slopes of a volcano is a precious fortune


What makes our wines unique and recognizable is the result of the harmonious dialogue that exists between different factors;
the favourable characteristics of the minerals in the volcanic soils, the particular microclimate and the choice of cultivating only indigenous grape varieties such as Nerello Mascalese and Carricante.
Within the 13 hectares of land that surround the Scilio estate, 11 are reserved for the harvesting of old and young vineyards. Each accommodating only a very low yield per hectare that allows the team to harvest the most delicate and highest quality of grapes.

Making viticulture prosperous is not a simple task. It’s the combination of sacrifices and ethical choices.
Here at the Scilio Estate we are well aware of the consequences that human actions have on nature. This is why our concept of Terroir is closely connected to a 360 ° sustainable way of producing.

Our management model follows the principles of Circular economy, focusing on recycling of materials, the use of solar energy and collecting rainwater.

much more than a process

Organic Farming

What makes Organic wines so special?
The answer is simple. Organic wine-making allows the production process to have a lower environmental impact while preserving the health of consumers.
We apply this philosophy both in our vineyards and in our cellars, where we work hard to ensure that that our raw produce, the grapes,
are not in any chemical way altered.
This authenticity that we work so hard to preserve, is what makes our wines truly special.
As the grapes used to make them are un-tampered with, holding within them the tales and secrets of the spaces in which they are kept.
See the main difference is precisely this. Organic wines contain more substances and nutrients that are useful for the human body.
Elements such as resveratrol, an element that many scientific studies have proven to hold protective and essential properties for the cardiovascular system.

lavoratori nel vigneto Scilio

Organic Farming

Organic farming: We do not use pesticides and agents that attack the environment, we work with green manure by enhancing the natural production capacity of the soil and plants.
For this reason, our grapes have a much greater aromatic intensity.

Grappoli d'uva

Hand harvesting

Once the grapes reach full ripeness, they go through a careful selection process before being harvested by hand. They are then collected in small boxes and brought with the utmost delicacy to our cellar.

La cantina antica

Natural Vinification

The winemaking process is the simple observation of the alcoholic fermentation and, depending on the type of grape, of the consequent completion of the malolactic fermentation and refinement of the wine.

Foto dell'antica cantina

From Grapes to Wine: Transfuse...

The Ancient Cellar

The transformation of the grapes into wine takes place in our cellars in compliance with the disciplinary and strict health and hygiene regulations.

The rooms of our Cellar date back to 1815, 
a structure made entirely of lava stone, built on lava rocks. 
Here, what was once only possible thanks to the strength of our hard-working men is now achieved with the support of high-tech machinery.. 
Here the grapes are subjected to de-stemming, delicate squeezing, followed by a controlled vinification aimed at making the most of the aromas and flavours. 
Among these steps, the most symbolic is the pressing of the grapes which is still carried out in the original Palmento.

La cantina interrata  dall'alto con bottiglie e botti


The Underground Cellar

The Underground Cellar dates back to 2007 
and was created by Engr. Giovanni Scilio following the precise principals of ethical and environmental sustainable building: 
through a natural system that allows constant temperature maintenance, 
it does not pollute and does not affect the organoleptic properties of the wines.

The refinement and ageing phases of the wines take place respectively both in barrels and bottles
For bottling we use exclusively
natural corks and glass containers.

I vini Scilio in mostra su una botteI vini Scilio in mostra su una botte

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