L'agriturimo dell'azienda Scilio

The Company

The SCILIO winery is now managed by the fifth generation of the Scilio family who have been cultivating vineyards since 1815.
We love our territory and for this reason we produce Etna Doc certified organic wines and branded extra virgin olive oil with sustainable methods Scilio.

Inside the estate, between the olive trees and vines, between the mystical Mount Etna and the Mediterranean Sea, stands our Agriturismo Valle Galfine, where we offer our guests the opportunity to experience the most unique of holidays.

I fondatori dell'azienda Scilio, l'ingegnere Giovanni Scilio e la moglie Elizabeth Ann Ellis

Custodians of a precious Italian Tradition.

The Scilio Family

We have been harvesting grapes and producing Etna wines for over 200 years. Our skills are deeply rooted behind years of passing knowledge and secrets from generation to generation. Always on a quest for excellence, perfecting our techniques and discovering new ways of producing wine in the most sustainable of forms.

The entrepreneurial project behind the estate, came about in the 80s thanks to engineer Giovanni Scilio and his wife Elizabeth Ann.
Before them, the Estate’s focus was on producing wine in bulk from Rosso da Nerello Mascalese to Nerello Capuccio, Bianco da Carricante e Cataratto.

Ing. Scilio stepped in and changed the course of his family’s estate. Combinig his love for his land with his professional experience in the field of renewable energy and bioclimatic architecture
he designed a unique and innovative underground cellar with the ability of upholding a constant temperature throughout the entire year.With time he was able to bring this concept to life and integrate it within the original environment.

Protagonists to this life-changing adventure were also his three children, Salvatore, Marco and Luisa, who contributed to the creation of the Scilio brand from the production side to commercialization both within Italy and abroad.

Luisa Scilio

Those who have roots do not fear the wind

Luisa Scilio

Born and raised in the midst of vineyards among the scent of fermenting must, Luisa is the only one of the Scilio siblings who chose to dedicate herself entirely to the entrepreneurial project started by her parents.

She joined the company first through the Agritourism sector, where she was immediately able to put her economic and commerce skills to use; but this wasn’t enough for Luisa.
She took the reins and began deepening her studies in SME management, knowing that like in wines, the refinement stage is they key to any successful project.

Today Luisa Scilio is in not only head of the agritourism but also of wine production, supported, where necessary, by the skills and experience of their parents.

Fresh, charismatic and unique like the Scilio rosé, Luisa is a woman who takes every challenge as an opportunity; her mission? Never stop making the company and the people who are part of it grow. With the determination to focus on R&D in new technologies and environmental sustainability policies, Luisa’s daily commitment stays that of giving her customers the same joy with which she welcomes them.

The excellence of the individual, the success of all


Our project is based on the awareness that the secret to producing fine wines lays in the hands of those who create them. 

That is why the Scilio Team has been carefully selected with unique members who enter the fields and cellars every day to put their unparalleled skills to work 

Every single one is a driving force of the team, each contributing, safeguarding, caring and representing the company and its values.