Sikelios is a sweet red wine made from sun dried grapes, according to an old Sicilian tradition, having intense aromas of spice, liquorice and thyme honey. Smooth and balanced, the texture of it’s flavours leave a pleasant sweet sensation on the palate.



Data Sheet:

Sikélios Is a sweet wine made according to the old Sicilian tradition from grapes left to dry in the sun.
Production Zone North-eastern side of mount Etna in the Domain Valle Galfina, Linguaglossa (CT).
Alcoholic Grade 14,5 % Vol.
Sugar Content 115 g/l.
Production Technique Grapes left to dry in the sun for approximately 30 days.
Vinification Technique Temperature controlled fermentation. Refinement in barrique.
Sensorial Characteristics An intense fruity taste with hints of spice, liquorice and thyme honey; a smooth and well balanced wine, a blend of aromas that leave a pleasant sensation of sweetness on the palate.
Serving Temperature 14 – 16 °C.
Recommended with A dessert wine for meditation; an excellent accompaniment for sweet pastries, notably
Sicilian almond or hazelnut biscuits and dark chocolate. Very pleasant with strong flavoured cheeses.

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